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New PasTime app released !

PasTime app on a CRT Côte d'Azur experimentation ground soon!

Our solution

Tourists are forced to use thousands of fragmented sources of information to organize their stay. Existing tourist packages offer poor flexibility. They rarely include local events or activities, nor are customized to visitors’ interests.

PasTime is an innovative solution bringing together user profiles and local tourist information covering a territory. Through data analytics and machine learning PasTime recommends personalized, consistent and attractive travel bundles.
PasTime has a direct impact on local and hyper-local services, boosting event ticketing and activities thanks to higher visibility and better alignment on needs.

PasTime impacts travellers’ decision making process, making organization, transportation, time and budget control easier.

Use case :
A typical example of the use of PasTime for visitors:

  Arno is 33 years old, married and father of 2, who wishes to bring his family during the summer holidays in the backcountry of the French Riviera. As many German citizens, but also based on his previous traveling experiences, PasTime knows that Arno will be thrilled by some offers proposing a short stay in an ecotourism lodge mixing some nature exploration and fine French gastronomy.




© Parc Alpha

© Parc Alpha

PasTime has gathered a comprehensive knowledge base of all possible activities, daily events and local businesses in the French riviera and immediately suggests Arno to visit the "Parc Alpha Loup" where the family will have the opportunity to observe wolves in their natural habitat.




This natural park is located nearby the typical and picturesque village named Saint-Martin Vésubie …




© Cabane Des Pins Sylvestres

© Cabane Des Pins Sylvestres

... and PasTime recommends to have a dinner at "l'O à la bouche", a "locavore" restaurant that only serves local and seasonal food.

After this amazing day, Arno's family got the surprise to rest in an original and comfortable house in the trees that includes a spa (a German delicacy) named the "Cabane Des Pins Sylvestres" awarded with an Eco label, fun for the kids and relaxing for the parents. This entire bundles fits precisely Arno's budget.