PasTime, a new personalized “in-destination” experience

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Cities are confronting the paucity of offering planning tools in order to combine efficiently all those offerings and to match tourists' time and budget constraints while being personalized to their taste.

Looking at the supply side, touristic packages have offered so far little or no flexibility and are not adapted for short stays.

Therefore, the PasTime solution will be proposed to city hall or tourism offices as a solution to promote their touristic activities.

In the field of tourism and local communities, our main clients would be:

  • Intercommunalities of France (2145 in France, 85 in PACA)
  • 36,664 communes in France
  • Tourist Offices
  • Metropolis (e.g. a signature of a convention with the NCA Metropolis)
  • Tourism Regional Committee (CRT)
  • Departmental Committee of Tourism (CDT), General Councils (CG)
  • Regional Councils (CR)