PasTime, a new personalized “in-destination” experience

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New PasTime app released !

PasTime app on a CRT Côte d'Azur experimentation ground soon!

About Us

The PasTime Project is willing to answer a need the customers expressed. It understands the lack of information about the specific events and activities that will be offered during their stay. Those activities match their time and budget constraints. In the meantime, those suggestions are personalized with their taste thanks to e-profiling technology providing a special knowledge of their interests. In fact, PasTime offers a set of technologies to bundle cultural and touristic offerings into attractive suggestions that correspond to user needs based on a strong understanding of users interests and purchase behaviors. The solution aims to have a direct impact on local services by boosting event reservations and activities that are often under-booked.

PasTime is An innovation supported by EIT Digital as part of the action line for digital cities.

EIT Digital is an organization for innovation and education in Europe.

The aim of EIT Digital 'Digital Cities' innovation activities is to improve the lives of everyday citizen's in urban environments through increased digitalisation.